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Life is also very accurate. The free version supports two people and two place alerts.

Comparison of free off-line satellite navigation software

You can pay to add more family members and places, as well as additional features like driving reports, hard break notifications, speed alerts, and emergency help services. You can also browse the map from a computer. Google Maps is a well-known app for finding directions, and you might know that it can also keep track of your own location history.

Just open the map and browse like normal, but also see where your friends or family are located. You can share your location for a set amount of time, such as an hour, or pick Until you turn this off to enable location sharing indefinitely.

Google Maps works on iOS and Android devices. You can also visit Google Maps from a computer to see where people are.

You can even connect this app to your car if the in-car GPS supports it. When you share your location through Glympse, you pick for how long you want the other person to be able to see your location.

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WhatsApp is one example. Tap the attachment icon next to the text box and then choose Location and then Share live location to pick from 15 minutes , 1 hour , and 8 hours. You can also use WhatsApp to send your current location without updating the other person with your live location. Select the four-dotted menu off to the left of the texting area, and pick Location from the options. Choose Share Live Location to immediately start sharing your location for one hour. The details are explained in the old forum.

Fake Windows XP Simulator

Additionally a high-speed internet connection is required as long as Mobile Atlas Creator is running. Additionally free disk space is required: Downloaded tiles are cached in the system temp directory and addionally tiles are cached in the tile store local database. The easiest way is to download the latest ready to use binary build of Java Advanced Imaging version 1. Latest stable version: 2.

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  4. The latest stable version of Mobile Atlas Creator in binary and source form can be downloaded in the download area of Mobile Atlas Creator on SourceForge. For details about recent changes see the latest Changelog. HTM is available online.

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